Zainab زينب Hussain حسین


A little about me: I love drawing, painting (All Arts), dancing is something which I used to be good at, which I no longer do..spending time with Friends and Family, oh and the typical one 'shopping', watchin films (Anything Interesting and decent) even though I haven't watched films in ages...('',) carrying on...Ah I love swimming, football and cricket. Me as a person: Well I have been told I am super quite. I do not really talk much, I need to be real comfortable around you in order to talk to you. Other than that, I consider myself to be easy going person, shy to an extent. One of my main qualities has to be my honesty and being trustworthy. I try being a good friend to everyone, (obviously everyone has those who disagree and hate). I am always/will be there for my friends and if there's occasion where I cannot be there, I'd make sure I contribute enough to help. Well that's all I got to say really since I am not expectationally good when it comes to talking about myself.., so If you want to know more, simply ask. =) Zainab




Leicester, England, United Kingdom

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