Shahid Khan


мy name ιѕ ѕнαнιd khan αηd ι αм ѕтriving тσ become тнє тσρ мodel of тнє ηαтιση. ι have the potential, looks and passion to carry any type of campaign, project, fashion show or acting on my shoulders either its a big or small. I recently have moved from London to US, still getting used to New York life style and its people. Anyways, as far as modeling and facing the camera concerns, it is my passion. I have kept modeling as part time job but since I have nothing to do as of now, will pursue it full-time. мy transition frσм α simple schoolboy to a model has been an intresting journey. I am ready to progress in my life professionally in any way that I can get away with because I thrive from ambition and have more heart than anyone I know. I miss sports a lot so this industry is where I exude all that unused energy and it feels great. Love photo shoots obviously and absolutely runway; it's soo intriguing ... but ill do pretty much anything except for straight nude, only partial or implied but NO PORN offers. I want to challenge my looks capability of taking me as far as in front of a motion picture camera, and my portfolio is where I start. that being said; if you believe you can use me in an artistic fulfilling way that would benefit in diversifying my image hit me up!! Oh another important thing to know is that I love traveling anyways so don't hesitate. Always grateful for your interest in me and I'm so ready to exceed your exp...


New York

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