Mahmoud A. El-Beleehy


Started photography 4 years ago, It has been really a long journey and been through a lot of troubles and problems. Taught myself everything, with no help form anyone else, and I'm very proud of that. Mainly specialized in Portraits, Glamor and Expressive Fashion Photography, love being creative and that's because of my love to creativity, trying my best to express my ideas and thoughts through photos. Actually love to create new ideas, which hasn't been done before or at least rarely been done, and yeah Photography for me isn't a hobby, it's a passion. For me photography is not about snapping lucky shots, but rather painting with the light. Currently one of the founders of "Viv photography" it's a combination of various characters, Photographers, Editors and directors working together as a team to introduce to you the best quality with high art and sense. We believe in quality, beauty and precious moments which can't be done twice.


Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

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