Cyleia Meia Lim


Cyleia Meia Lim is the name. Aries. =) nicknames: cy, cylee, meia, cylim, cyko, yami, cee .. chuchuchu! Currently a BSA - 2 student @ Holy Name University (realizing dreams). Kilaw tag numero! hehe ~cyleia ♥ I'm a very interesting person (I believe). I can easily get-along with other people but I have this tendency to be snobbish and moody. Maybe that's the reason why I can say that I'm still much of a child. I accept constructive criticism, they're healthy :) I love laughing and smiling all the time, it gives me a light feeling. I love Korean movies and songs so don't be shock seeing me patronizing them. Too much information. HAHAHA XD meet me in person nlng


Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

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