How to "Win upto US $150 for FREE " With Us ?

  • You win if you are the last unique* grabber when the time ends.
  • You win if you have the most grabs when the time ends.
  • Smart way to play. You win If any of the people you invitedwin at the end. Click here to increase your chances
Game Finished at 30/09/2012 19:50:00 (UTC)

Win upto US $150 for FREE

If you weren’t able to win the movie tickets from yesterday, don’t worry! brings you yet another opportunity to win a cash prize of US $50 per winner which you can use to buy yourself anything you want, even movie tickets. Ask your friends to play along with you to increase your chances of winning this 20 minutes game.

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Game finished at 30/09/2012 19:50:00.

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