How to "Win Armani Watch Vouchers for FREE" With Us ?

  • You win if you are the last unique* grabber when the time ends.
  • You win if you have the most grabs when the time ends.
Game Finished at 21/10/2012 19:20:00 (UTC)

Win Armani Watch Vouchers for FREE

The Italian empire of Giorgio Armani needs no introduction. This brand has won our hearts over with its Haute-Couture, Leather Goods, Shoes, Jewelry and Accessories. This time we bring you an Armani watch voucher from the label ‘Emporio Armani’ with our 20 minutes game. With this win you will own a piece of Armani Gem which on a normal day you can only afford to browse on the internet.

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Game finished at 21/10/2012 19:20:00.

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