How to "US $150 to Win for FREE " With Us ?

  • You win if you are the last unique* grabber when the time ends.
  • You win if you have the most grabs when the time ends.
  • Smart way to play. You win If any of the people you invitedwin at the end. Click here to increase your chances
Game Finished at 18/10/2012 15:20:00 (UTC)

US $150 to Win for FREE

Even though you are not on’s pay scale we can still help increase your daily wage. Play our 20 minutes game and win yourself US $50 per winner. This time we will have three winners; Last Unique Grabber, Most Grabber and Last Unique Grabber’s Friend. So invite your friends to play along with you.

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Game finished at 18/10/2012 15:20:00.

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