How to "Grab a handful of $150 for FREE " With Us ?

  • You win if you are the last unique* grabber when the time ends.
  • You win if you have the most grabs when the time ends.
  • Smart way to play. You win If any of the people you invitedwin at the end. Click here to increase your chances
Game Finished at 24/10/2012 15:50:00 (UTC)

Grab a handful of $150 for FREE

With this 20 minutes of ours, we are giving away three prizes each to the 2 lucky winners and 1 lucky friend upon winning our game. It’s a simple grab and win game, where the Last Unique and Most Grabber win 2 of our prizes and the Last Unique Grabber’s friend also wins a prize. So no need to start reading books to brush up your knowledge, just soak your Index finger in warm salted water before the game begins because you’ll need to use it for endless clicking!

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Game finished at 24/10/2012 15:50:00.

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