How to Play and Win

So here is how it works people. What you need to know is that you can win more than one prize because:

  • 1You win if you
    have the most grabs.
  • 2You win if you
    are the last Unique Grabber
  • 3And you win if any of your invited friends win (you also need to be playing the game to be eligible for this).
Before you begin ensure the following: (Mandatory)
  • An active account on Facebook OR An active account on Twitter.
  • An active profile with your picture on WishFree.
  • You have read the terms and conditions of the game.
Now, follow these steps to achieve a GRAB:
How To Play and Win

All the best people! Play Hard! Game on!
* last unique grabber - Last Unique Grabber is the person who grabs the prize in a time frame unique from others. For example if there are three people who grabbed at 9:59, two people who grabbed it at 9:58 but one person grabbed it at 9:57. The person who grabbed it at 9:57 is the Unique grabber.