Win LancĂ´me skincare sets for FREE

Do you ever wonder how these celebrities never look their age? Must be some kind of a miracle right?! Well now you can win your skin a miracle as well with our 20 minutes game at, a site giving you products for FREE developed by Lancôme for your skin care.


There are Two  winners* in this game:

  •  Person with the Unique timestamp when the time ends: Wins

  •  The person who Grabbed it the most time when the time ends:  Wins. 


Before you begin ensure the following: (Mandatory)

1. An active account on Facebook OR an active account on Twitter.

2. An active profile with your full legal name on

3. You have read the terms and conditions of the game.


Now, follow these steps to win a Lancôme skincare set :

1. Click on Grab.

2. Enter the letters shown in the dialogue box.

3. Click the button that says "Proceed" to proceed for the next GRAB (Get the most in the given time). 


All the best people! Play Hard! Game on!

* last unique grabber - Last Unique Grabber is the person who grabs the prize in a time frame unique from others. For example if there are three people who grabbed at 9:59, two people who grabbed it at 9:58 but one person grabbed it at 9:57. The person who grabbed it at 9:57 is the Unique grabber.

*The prize is worth US $50/winner.

*Countries where this prize does not apply, US $50/winner will be awarded.